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Imagine the climax of a movie, the moment when the rising tension finally detonates, like a punch in the face.
Now imagine watching the same scene in slow motion. You can recognize every little emotion and every shade, you are drifting into a soft, wistful vision.
That’s the power of Theatre of Delays: emotions in a time paradox.
Romantic sci-fi soundtracks turned into disco dreams.
Cult songs reworked with a gentle mixture of electronic and acoustic sounds, tied together in a lazy cinematic boogie.

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Theatre Of Delays
Berlin, Germany
Theatre Of Delays was started in 2011 and became quickly known for Remixing Artists like *The XX, Boys Noise, Daft Punk and Red Hot Chili Peppers*.
in 2013 the Originals*Shine and Black Ballet* became very sucessfull through *Hypem (3 times Nr. 1*) and many Blogs. The Story continueswith official Remixes and Releases on *Gomma, Recordmakers, Bad Panda and Night Noise.

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